from i-LIKE to i-NEED

Branded Utility is all about promotion and usefulness. The idea is to integrate your consumer’s life and make it simpler. Successull brands using branded utility have managed to know what consumers need before… Continue reading

Guess what product, you have a date with a user!

  10 tips for your user’s experience to be perfect: Think about how this user matches perfectly your characteristics Put yourself in your user’s shoesDuring strategic meetings with his board of directors, Amazon’s… Continue reading

Why, Why, Why ?

I wish I was more techie! All those pretty blogs, that make you spend hours and hours reading, watching, liking, sharing (yes you, the person who isn’t able to sit on the sofa… Continue reading

Wait let’s see where we can go

Ok so you are with a group (or even worse your mum in town), in a region you don’t know very well (new york IS big) and they (or she) turns to you… Continue reading

Fill in the blank

As I was completing my blog set up, pops out THE ultimate question: title … Goo-brain-gle Search: … Cool but credible … … Witty but sweet … … Light but meaningful … …… Continue reading

And after a one month warm vacation in Lebanon …

First class of my spring 2013 semester: Digital Marketing Great! I am finally going to “test” a class of my potential concentration in the MS in Integrated Marketing program. First assignment? Create a… Continue reading