Game over! You Lose!



Gamification is all about giving feedback, sharing with friends, and being fun.

It is an important tool to incentivize and get consumers to engage the way we want to.

Gamification is for example rewards upon completion of goals, highscores sharing when competing with friend (bragging), badges, airline miles, loyalty programs, points, level etc.


It emproves engagement, drives participation, breaks down complex tasts into small bits and make things more fun.

It mainly improves brand user experience


A brand using good gamification is Linked in.

Linked in encourages you to fill up well your profile and be as specific and accurate as possible through the profile strength percentage.

This enables them to have full completed profiles of users, which helps them match them better with recruiter, and at the end of the day make their brand more powerful and effective. You always have room for improvement.

It pushed you to give them a lot of information, to help you better, but at the same time, they are re enforcing their database through this small feature