While both agency and brand owner have the best interest of the brand at heart (HOPEFULLY), sometimes the relationship and communication process between both incurs BUGS that end up undermining the work in progress.

Brand-owners are very protective about their brands, and quite reluctant to change in best practices.

Agencies on the other hand strive for innovation, know more the industry, the new trends in it, and hands-on experiences from other industries


The 12 Golden Rules to make sure optimization is reached:

–       Client to foster open communication
–       Client to share and make all information accessible
–       Client to be write a clear, concise and well-thought brief
–       Client to be clear on objectives
–       Client to be open to innovations
–       Client to make sure they understand the idea before throwing it away

–       Agency to keep the client aware every step of the way to get approvals
–       Agency to respect given timings
–       Agency to explain the tools used and how they relate to the ROI
–       Agency to be clear on what they can do, and deliver upon their promise

–       Client and Agency to be transparent on expectation and definition for success
–       Client and Agency to be patient and trust each other