Ready for adventure? Shake it up!


One of the most impactful augmented reality campaign was the one done by REI for the opening of their SOHO store


By scanning the bilboard, you get to open the door to explore a virtual world around you
You are also directed to an app which shows you outdoor locations in the city that you would need to get out of the NYC crowdness and craziness for some retreat time.
Where else would you shop to get equipped for your next adventure?

Another cool augmented reality campaign is


The objective is mainly for interaction with the target audience
And remind consumers that the brand is a cool fun and innovative brand
The only thing I would criticise  is that it requires too many steps to insure engagement and no drop out: you need to download a free app, and then scan each ad you see or the tic tac box (it is not really intuitive), and then play the games or other entertainment offered