Don’t make me think; I’m in a hurry

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At the end of the day, we are all selling the same things, what will make you fly is HOW you sell it

Take for instance temporary tattoo brand (not even permanent!): 


I came across this site on my computer and the user experience is really great. 
They sell small temporary tattoos that don’t cost a lot, and still their user experience is better than way bigger brands with much more budget. 

You first enter the site, and it is super clear

– who they are
– what they do

You are first welcomed by the name of the brand, and their purpose.
If you move your eyes to the left, your attention is quickly catch by a box that displays attractive tattoo designs in a big format.
You might relate to the one summarising my dad’s favorite phrase “you are late, or be reminded by your frustration in museums “can’t touch this”



It is really very intuitive to navigate through the site

You don’t need to waste time thinking where you should click, performing wrong queues etc.

What is offered in the site follow the KISS Rule: Keep it simple and stupid.
The website is pretty clear, simple, and attractive

What I like most about this user experience, is that it makes you feel you are dealing with a professional but also fun company. Yes they sell tattoo, but they sell them as if they were selling somehting more valuable, they take you seriously, even though we both know that you are not in your most serious moment when entering the site.

So you are not really looking for something specific, besides inspiration and temptation

This is why TATTLY makes it easier for you thanks to the menu bar on the left of the screen

I really like how they stay very genuine in the website, and directly gives you a feel, through their user experience that they are close to their customers

You get to see what they like most and also the newest designs in the middle of the page without having to look for those designs in the menu bar on the left


I guess they might have studied the analytics and realised that “most liked” and “new designs” were the most frequent queries, which makes sense to highlight them in the middle of the page.

Besides the easiness, clarity and positiveness of the site, I also liked how they wrote their stories.
People like reading stories and relating to them

Finally, another good thing about this user experience, is that the website is RESPONSIVE

Whenever you change the size of your window, the screen adapts and you don’t need to use your scroll bar left and right to finish a sentence

It’s your turn to try it:

You are probably thinking right now that you read too much about a tattoo brand and that it is enough!

But … let’s give them full credit!

Their mobile website user experience is also great

Very easy navigation, page is not crowded at all, and you can find anything you find on the web page — which is great and not always the case

A couple of shots to see how it looks like: