the next BIG sync


I’m sure you already said to yourself when interacting with a brand’s campaign “Booooring, X brand has already done something similar”, “Do they think this is going to make me buy their ridiculous product” .. etc.

However, brand innovation is not that easy, it takes a lot of work, creativity, money …
I would have said “give companies a break”, but no!
Consumer have more choice, more access to information, and are more and more KING! if a certain brand is not fulfilling their needs (whether utilitarian or need for entertainement), well guess what? they’ll find satisfaction in another brand

Innovation is becoming more and more important in today’s marketing to survive and have a sustainable business.


It all comes down to understanding and anticipating what consumers would want
Being transparent
Engaging with them
Planning accordingly and executing PERFECTLY.

Though it is all about a very conservative, some may say boring, and especially basic product (after all, it is a 2 inches high and 3 inches wide pice of plastic), AMEX understood the importance of innovation through all their years of experience

They are catering today to their youngest most digitally involved consumer, by complementing their lifestyle through “AMEX SYNC” 

Through connecting your amex info to twitter account, you are able to purchase and get the best deals for all your shopping activities by tweeting

Watch the link below for a more detailed explanation:

It’s kind of a win win situation for the brands from which you are shopping, the social network, amex, and most of all the consumer !