we’ll listen to your skin




Let’s be a little less cliche and change example about brand utility


So olay listens to your skin when you don’t even listen to it.
They created an online platform “olayforyou.com” where women could answer a couple of questions and get an expert’s advise on how to solve their skin problem (without even moving from their home).

They are then given the opportunity to order the product (still without even moving from their home) and take the challenge of reparation.

They give value to consumers by showing them that they care about them even more than women care about themselves. They are listening to you and advising you on a one-on-one personalised basis.

They were able to connect with the most intimate women subjects and help them there.



Another example from Olay


Through a fun and challenging game, they interacted with consumers to whom they were not catering.