Guess what product, you have a date with a user!



10 tips for your user’s experience to be perfect:

  1. Think about how this user matches perfectly your characteristics
  2. Put yourself in your user’s shoesDuring strategic meetings with his board of directors, Amazon’s CEO keeps an empty seat and tells the team to consider the consumer was on this chair in their meeting room.
  3. Make sure you have worked out the details about how the user will hear about you
  4. Organize well your first meeting
  5. Be clear all along
  6. Make it simple; make his life easier
  7. Don’t try to do everything at the same time; phase it out
  8. Be interactive and fun
  9. Try to build strong relationship
  10. Reward the user on his loyalty every now and then

As digital experts in today’s world, the key to ensure product/users story lasts longer, is to always question our practices, not being afraid to re shuffle all of our strong basis and come up with new and creative solutions.

Nowadays, technology is playing a crucial role in making user’s experience enjoyable and we ought to dedicate small efficient and free teams, to react quickly and creatively to this changing environment.

These teams will be brainstorming with the products managers, proposing ideas, adapting them constantly to the best interest of the product/user relationship, proposing them in a visual way (through non-colored simple, informative and clear wireframes) in order to get to the final product (which everyone agrees to) and develop it in the most efficient way.