Why, Why, Why ?


I wish I was more techie!

All those pretty blogs, that make you spend hours and hours reading, watching, liking, sharing
(yes you, the person who isn’t able to sit on the sofa and read xxx pages of your textbook)

Why can’t my blog (in a couple of clicks) become super attractive, light, colorful, striking, positive!

Well guess what?

there actually is a TOOL !!!! Balsamiq!

So here is how my blog would (ideally) look like:


picture 1

The home page: simple clear and fun

  • Title and sentence
  • The big square is the newest wednesday post “miniature”
  • you can scroll left and right for previous wednesdays posts
  • you can also click on pick a wednesday and chose a previous wednesday without using the scrolling

which brings you to …..

Picture #2

  • You are on the post you have chosen
  • you can scroll down and up the post which includes pictures, videos, text, etc.
  • you can either pick a wednesday, or go back to the homepage “wednesdays” to scroll the wednesday miniature
  • you can also go to about – Let’s do that

picture 2

So you are in about in the biography

picture 3

  • you can also select (by checking the right box): Favorite music, etc. 
  • a way for readers to know more about myself