Game over! You Lose!

  Gamification is all about giving feedback, sharing with friends, and being fun. It is an important tool to incentivize and get consumers to engage the way we want to. Gamification is for… Continue reading

Now this is WOW

I didn’t have any inspiration to find a WOW experience, but I just came across this amazing campaign yesterday. It might be because I am super sensitive to the child abuse cause, having… Continue reading


While both agency and brand owner have the best interest of the brand at heart (HOPEFULLY), sometimes the relationship and communication process between both incurs BUGS that end up undermining the work in… Continue reading

Ready for adventure? Shake it up!

One of the most impactful augmented reality campaign was the one done by REI for the opening of their SOHO store FIND OUT NYC By scanning the bilboard, you get to open… Continue reading

Let’s get #phygital

    The most successful marketing is when a brand is able to enter simultaneously both worlds of schizophrenic consumers: their digital world in their real physical life. In order to cater to a… Continue reading

It’s make or break time!

While user experience can really help a brand (users get dragged into the site, decide for themselves to spend more time interacting with the brand and getting to know it better), it also… Continue reading

Don’t make me think; I’m in a hurry

  At the end of the day, we are all selling the same things, what will make you fly is HOW you sell it Take for instance temporary tattoo brand (not even permanent!): … Continue reading

the next BIG sync

I’m sure you already said to yourself when interacting with a brand’s campaign “Booooring, X brand has already done something similar”, “Do they think this is going to make me buy their ridiculous… Continue reading

we’ll listen to your skin

    Let’s be a little less cliche and change example about brand utility OLAY!!!! So olay listens to your skin when you don’t even listen to it. They created an online platform… Continue reading


  So as brand utility experts: NIKE They used to make really good advertising about their great product with empowering messages. With the launch of Nike Plus 7 years ago, Nike’s marketing strategy… Continue reading